Holy Names University Articulation Agreement

Holy Names University Articulation Agreement

This C-ID articulation page serves as a tool to determine courses throughout the California Community College system that are transferred to Holy Names University. Simply filter Holy Names` funding through C-ID, institution, course or university course to determine portability. Please note that this page contains thousands of records so it works best if it has had some time to load all the courses. This agreement allows students to join the Army or Air Force ROTC program at U.C Berkeley. The student takes one class per semester at the university and consults the ROTC Recruitment Office on various programs. Students can apply for proof of an exam for a university course. This must be done before the beginning of the student`s last period of study at the university. A maximum of six units can be acquired per exam if they are managed by the university`s faculty. A credit form per exam can be obtained from the student resource centre. Payment for the exam must be made at the student resource centre prior to the exam.

With the agreement of their advisors, students can request additional credit units per exam. The petition should be filed with the Academic Office. Upon examination, the student is informed if additional units are acceptable by the exam. Your last official transcripts of the university or university are all we need to verify that your credits have been completed at a satisfactory level. Below is information on articulation agreements and course equivalencies for territorial institutions: full-time students who have accumulated credits beyond the new year will have the opportunity to spend one class per semester on another campus. This consortium is subject to the restrictions agreed between the cooperating institutes. In agreements between the HNU and several local institutions, students can take a course on the basis of available space that is not available to them on the home campus. The teaching is paid to the HNU at the current HNU student rate. The rules of the host campus apply to university work and study participants are responsible for obtaining information on the academic guidelines and deadlines of the host university. Currently, HNU has agreements with Berkeley City College; California College of the Arts; California State University, East Bay; College of Alameda; Laney College; Merritt College; Mills College; St. Mary`s College of California; and the University of California, Berkeley.

Forms to initiate such a study are available in the student resource centre. In cases where a student requests transfer credits for course work from national institutions without regional accreditation or international institutions without recognition by the relevant Ministry of Education, the university requires the student to provide evidence on the quality, comparability and applicability of the relevant programs.

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