Tuition Grant Agreement

Tuition Grant Agreement

– The guarantees are to print the TGA on the A4 size of a large white paper and sign the ink on page 9, send the agreement signed with a copy of their passport or ID card issued by the state with photo to the student. Students who receive the scholarship must pay only subsidized tuition fees. Tuition Grant is a Singapore government scholarship designed to help students meet the cost of full-time higher education in Singapore up to a maximum of 10 semesters. Singapore Citizens` fees automatically receive a De Tuition Grant animal, which collects the highest amount of the tuition subsidy, thus paying the lowest tuition fees. There is no borrowing obligation. Permanent residents and international SPR students and international students interested in obtaining the MOE scholarship to subsidize their tuition fees must indicate that they are opting for TG in their online application form. When they are offered a scholarship with their place, they must indicate their choice whether they accept the offer with or without a scholarship. For those who have accepted the offer of admission with Tuition Grant, they must register for a scholarship after receiving their registration number. RPRs and international students who have successfully applied for the scholarship must implement a study assistance agreement with the Singapore government, represented by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

The NAFA will accompany students enrolled in their application for the scholarship. However, it is the student`s responsibility to complete the study grant agreement process within the time frame set by the EMB. RPRs and international students who fail to meet their obligations or meet their tuition grant obligations must pay liquidated damages. Liquidated damages are calculated on the basis of the current study allowance (as recommended by MOE) which was received during the studies, plus 10% interest per year. The Ministry of Education in Singapore (MOE) grants a portion of the full tuition fees to students who have the right to study. For students who sign the endorsement (polytechnic students who have not been made redundant or have been made redundant from tuition grant obligations): a Grant Briefing tuition will be organised by the SMU Office of Finance for non-Singaporean nationals – details will be available until the end of July 2020. (Campus map) Note: The rules on the attribution of education may change from time to time. The Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS) was set up by the government to help students bear the costs of higher education in Singapore. Number of semesters of scholarship eligible for a new program of study – maximum duration for a new program – number of scholarship semesters received for the previous program You will be pleased to know that your university education is heavily subsidized by the Singapore government in the form of a scholarship. The tuition you pay only covers part of your tuition. .

2) transfers within the EMS or by other higher education institutions funded by public funds or readmitted students. Singapore Permanent residents and international students who choose to host Tuition Grant must sign a tuition grant agreement that contractually commits students to work in a Singapore institution for a minimum of 3 years after graduation.

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